Rajshahi is mostly known as the Varendra Capital of Bangladesh. It is also an administrative division out of eight of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. At Rajshahi, you will find lots of archaeological sites that represent its glorious past from thousands of years of civilization at this locality.

Here is a list of to-do visits, if you have got an opportunity to come to Rajshahi, the Varendra Capital of Bangladesh.

  1. The T-Dam (টি-বাধ)ঃ It is a city protection dam from the mighty river Padma of the city Rajshahi, a very common gathering place for the locals during the afternoon with cool wind flow from the river Padma. One can reach this place from anywhere in Rajshahi city by rickshaw and other private or public transports. <Link of Google Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/bU4PcjKtNHtcs3rj6>
  2. Varendra Research Museum: This museum is located in Rajshahi City. The museum preserves some very unique ancient materials found elsewhere in the Varendra areas. This place is a worthy place for local and international researchers who have an interest in the Varendra areas. <Link of Google Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/24U1bnaPPep8oeBG7>
  3. Rajshahi University Campus: Rajshahi university is considered a place for research excellence with wide academic departments and faculties. This is amongst the largest universities in Bangladesh and considered the second largest university in Bangladesh in the context of its campus size located Motihar, 3 kilometers from the Rajshahi city. The campus area has a pleasant environment with lots of open spaces and landscapes.  <Link of Google Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/eZvHqzYHPcrjW9YFA>