A skyful of potentialities is just waiting for you.

How does it work?


Sign up

The signup process is very simple, just provide your details and documents to start working with us.


Add your services

Adding your services is a very simple process, you just fill up your details, upload relevant media files and wait an admin to approve your details and update to the portal.


Start getting reservations

After your property/services get approved by an admin, they will be automatically published at our portal and will be searchable by our valued portal users and customers.

Share the beauty of your city

Why you should be our partner?

potential customers

Able to reach thousands.

By partnering with us, your services will be reachable among thousands of potential customers in ease.

business ecosystem

Compatible business ecosystem.

Develops a measurable and competitive ecosystem that attract consumers from most regional, social and psychological backgrounds.

vacationbd local economy

Strengthening the local economy.

A 100% local startup company, so every penny we earned used to accelerate the local economy.


Make your own house rules.

Not only you can set house rules but guests will also need to agree to those key rules before they can book your property.

Easy access to our support system.

If you need to get in touch with us, our partner support team is available over phone or over email correspondences.

Communicate guests before reservation.

Guests can use our messaging system to contact you before they book. The same way, you can reply their queries that is how you can agree with each others conditions and expectations.

Set your own payment terms.

At our flexible booking system, you can make rule for pre-payment (full or partial amount) or post-payment (booking earlier but pay at reservation point) from the customers boarding at your property or using your services.