Gol Talab or Gol Talaab (Bengali: গোল তালাব) also known as Nawab Bari Pukur, is an oval-shaped pond in Islampur, Old Part of Dhaka in Bangladesh. This place is very near to Ahsan Manzil Palace and the River Buriganga.

The pond area is around 2.23 acres and its maximum depth is 23 feet or 7 meters. The whole pond area is fenced and managed by a welfare trust named Moulvi Khawaja Abdullah Welfare Trust. Any person can take bath at the pond and swim for unlimited time with only 5 Taka (Bangladesh Taka) or approximately 6 Cents (US Dollar). They have lockers available with fees of 10 Taka. At night here bath or swim is not permitted and women’ are not usually allowed to take bath or swim here.

There are a number of trees are planted around the banks of the pond consist coconut, mango, neem, jackfruit, and Chinese date trees. There is a number of fish species are available including Ruhi, tilapia, silver carp, pangash, katal, koi, puti, and others. The pond authority arranges fishing competitions around the year. One can also fish here with a fishing rod for a certain fee.  Water from this pond is taken by the fire brigade if fire incidents occurred at nearby locations.

Dhaka city has only a couple of water bodies like Gol Talab. So this is a prominent site in the context of reserved water bodies inside the city, due to its archaeological value (In the 19th century during the British regime) and also from the environmental point of view.

Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/w1FQ2AvMjfKe3mvB9

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