Khagrachari is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Its local name is "Chengmi". Khagrachari is also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle (of the rest of the three hill districts Rangamati is the Chakma Circle and Bandarban is the Bohmong Circle).

Khagrachari town is the home town of the Mong Chief who is the head of the Arakanese descendants living in the circle. It also is the administrative headquarters of Khagrachari district.

Khagrachari is a valley. It has three rivers namely Chengi, Kasalong and Maini. Chengi is the longest river in Khagrachari. Most of the land of Khagrachari is hilly areas. The majority of indigenous people are MARMA and others.

There are several Upazilas (sub districts) under this district are:

  • Dighinala Upazila
  • Khagrachhari Upazila
  • Lakshmichhari Upazila
  • Mahalchhari Upazila
  • Manikchhari Upazila
  • Matiranga Upazila
  • Panchhari Upazila
  • Ramgarh Upazila


khagrachari’s Attractive Tourists’ Spots:

§ Alutila Tourists spot: Khagrachari – Chittagong Road, 5 km away from the Parjatan motel. Local Buses, Chader gari, fare- 8/10 tk. Microbus can be rented as well.

§ Alutila Mysterious Cave: East of the Alutila Tourists’ spot under the mountain 150 meter long flowing natural waterfall. Chittagong Road, 5 km shout from the motel. Local Buses or Chader gari, fare- 8/10 tk. Microbus can be rented as well.

§ Richhang waterfall: Khagrachari – Chittagong road the area of Hridoy member. 7 km shout from the Porjoton motel. 2 km shout from Alutila, 1.50 km from east from the main road. Local bus or Chader gari until Hridoy Member area. Rest 1.50 km by foot.

§ Hundred or more years old banyan tree: Hundred or more years old banyan tree which is spreading almost 2 acres. Till Matiranga 10 number region of Khagrachari- Chittagong Road Buses / chader gari. Fare 10/15 tk, and rest 2.5 km by foot or own vehicles.

§ Nunchhori Debota Pond: The Nunchhori Tripura Village is 13 km south from Porjoton motel, 4 km west from Maishkhali Army camp of Khagrachari – Rangamati road. From there almost 1500 feet above, at the peak of the Mountain is the Debota Lake. Local bus or chader gari of Khagrachari – Rangamati Route until Maishchori Army camp. Rest of the 4–5 km by foot. If there is private car then it can go until the Tripura Village.

§ Yonged Buddha Bihar: At Khagrachari town, 2 km far from Motel. Accessible by rickshaw.

§ Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture: Shantipur Arannya Kuthir - 25 km south from Khagrachari is peripheral region. The largest Buddha sculpture of Bangladesh is situated here. Khagrachari – Panichari Local bus fare- 35 tk. The road is flat.

§ Dighinala Manikker Dighi: One regional town situated 21 km south from Khagrachari. The Jhulonto Bridge, Buddha Bihar, Raja Manikker Dighi, Tribal culture, tradition and ancient standard of living. Khagrachari – Dighinala Bus/ 4 Wheel drive gyp.

§ Dighinala Touduchhori Waterfall: It contains wild Elephants roaming around in groups; the place is cluttered with enormous stones and waterfalls. From Khagrachari – Dighinala road Bus/ Chader gari (gyp), fares 25/40 tk. Rest of the road by foot. The communication here is not urbanized yet.

§ Shajek and Marissa Vally: Endless natural beauty of green Mound. It’s hard to describe in words. It’s better if a private or rented car is available.

§ New Zealand: Only plain land in Khagrachari. Green paddy trees and Mountains behind this plain land give a very eye catching natural beauty. As because of this kind of scenery local people call this place New Zealand. Now-a-days it is also a tourist’s attraction and it’s about 10-15 minutes far from main town. One may use auto rickshaw for their transportation.


Hotels & Motels in Khagrachari

Name of Premise


Phone Number

Khagrachari Parjatan Motel

Parjatan Corporation

Khagrachari (Near

Chengi Bridge)


Hotel Ziran

College Road,



Government Circuit House




Forest Rest House




PDB Rest House




Hotel Soili Subarna

Masjid Road, Khagrachari Bazar, Khagrachari


Hotel Niribili

Akashpuri, Manikchari Bazar, Khagrachari



Hotel Four Star

Masjid Road, Khagrachari Bazar, Khagrachari


Hotel Ecochari Inn

Khagrapur, East gate of cantanment, khagrachari hill tracts, 4400 Khagrachari




Khagrachari Guest House

College Road, Mahajonpara, Khagrachari.




Public Transport (Bus Services) to Khagrachari:

Name of Bus Service

Khagrachari Station Phone Number

Dhaka Station Phone Number













S. Alam Service














Shamoly Paribahan









Eagle Paribahan










Shanti Paribahan





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